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Biblical Manhood

Remembering Our Legacy, Fulfilling Our Destiny

As Christian men, we possess a long and rich legacy – a legacy of ordinary men that God has used to touch and change the world. We inherit a legacy of ordinary men who gave themselves to Christ and the spread of the gospel to the entire world. We are the recipients of a legacy of ordinary men who prayed, labored, sacrificed, and impacted the world for Jesus. This is our legacy. Yet, it is also our destiny. Our God-ordained destiny is to make a difference in the world. God didn’t make men for the mundane and boring. God made men for the miraculous and adventurous challenge of carrying the gospel to the whole word.

Biblical Manhood is a call for men to fulfill this God-ordained destiny. God is the global God. It is His heart and mission to send the good news of His Son into every nation and among every people group of the world. God has ordained that ordinary men take the lead in carrying out this mission. He calls on ordinary men to accept the mission of penetrating and conquering the world with the gospel. He desires that men lead their families and churches in carrying out this mission. The time has come for men to step up and live out the exciting and supernatural destiny God has planned for them. Biblical Manhood seeks to help men fulfill this destiny for their lives.

This page will focus on helping men grow in the ability to pray for the lost and the spread of the gospel across the world. The bi-monthly newsletter will be placed on the site that you can download it for you and/or your group. We will also have Bible studies, reading guides, and other materials to help you grow as a Global Point Man and to develop a Biblical Manhood group in your church.